Chastain Veterinary Medical Group
Welcome to Chastain Veterinary Medical Group! For 20 years now we've been providing advanced veterinary care mixed with old-fashioned compassion for pets in the North Dallas area of Texas.

Life Guardianship Trust in Dallas

Can you spare a little?

Life Guardianship Trust - Chastain Veterinary Medical Group maintains a special Life Guardianship Trust for pets. These funds come from voluntary donations from our clients.

Monies are periodically withdrawn from this fund to help feed, care for, and place homeless pets and wildlife, to help people with veterinary expenses when they cannot afford proper veterinary care and to improve the overall level of care that we can provide to pets.

All pet owners are welcomed to contribute to this fund, if they like. Some of our clients of long standing have chosen to contribute to the fund instead of paying the standard fee for euthanasia and final care of their pet.

Life Guardianship Trust in Dallas