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What does Bloat mean in dogs?

Bloating occurs when the stomach of a dog swells with gas, food or water. Technically, this is called Gastric Dilation (GD). Many cases of GD progress rapidly to Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV). In this second stage, GDV, a bloated, swollen stomach flips and twists on itself, for reasons as yet unknown to science. This is a true medical emergency and the effected dog will likely die within a few hours without treatment. Many succumb even with treatment. 

Anecdotally, bloat may occur if the dog is fed immediately before or after hard exercise, or when the dog is returned to his kennel after work or exercise and allowed to drink too much water. 

In a bloated dog, an enlargement may be seen or felt just behind the ribs, primarily on the left side. Typically, the dog will be restless and show signs of pain in the abdominal region. It will attempt to vomit or have a bowel movement. Breathing will be difficult or labored due to pressure from the enlarged stomach. 

Handlers/Owners of affected dogs should stop all watering and feeding and seek veterinary care for the dog ASAP. Walking may enable the dog to relieve himself somewhat through bowel movements, belching or passing gas. This is a serious, life-threatening disease and most cases require extensive treatment by the veterinarian. 




Are Two dogs Better than One?

Quite possibly. In Your Dog: The Dog Owner’s Manual, Dr. Marty Becker claims that on average, pets from multi-pet households live longer than those that live alone. And they get sick less often – another benefit.


What to do in event of a Dog Bite

First, get to a safe location. Then, control any bleeding. Next, clean and wash the wound with soap and water. Then contact a physician or seek medical care. Almost certainly the physician will alert local animal control authorities. 

The offending pet typically must be confined for 10 days of veterinary observation (Rabies Quarentine). 

If it’s a stray dog without tags, you might try to confine the dog if you can do so safely, and then alert local animal control authorities. 

Note that as of 2007, under Texas Law, the owner of a dog involved in an unprovoked dog bite or dog attack that results in serious bodily injury can be charged with a 3rd degree Felony


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What Exactly is Your Dog's Dew Claw?

Here’s the scoop:  your dog has four toes on each foot – plus a digit that was at one time a “thumb”.  This thumb hasn’t been used for so many generations that it has atrophied and become the small growth on the inside of his leg with a toenail on it.  Your pet may have dew claws only on his two front feet, or he may have them on all four.  Great Pyrenees and Briards require double dew claws on back legs to be shown.


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