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NYT reports Even Military Working Dogs signs of Combat Stress

NYT report says up to 5% of Military Working Dogs deployed by American Combat Forces are affected with clinical signs resembling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers. More Here:

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Flu Like Symptoms Shut Down Georgetown Animal Shelter

Canine Influenze may be heading north.

KXAN reports that the City of Georgetown Animal Shelter is suspending dog adoptions for the time being due to an outbreak of flu like symptoms among dogs in their shelter. Georgetown is about 160 miles south of DFW and just north of Austin. KXAN and others have previously reported confirmed cases of Dog Flu (Influenza A, subtype H3N8) in the Austin area.  A smattering of possible cases of Dog Flu has been reported in the DFW area, but no major outbreaks have been reported yet.

Fortunately, a Flu vaccine is available for dogs for about $22 (plus exam fee in some cases, and taxes). This vaccine should completely prevent or at least greatly reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms.

Concerned pet owners can have their pets vaccinated by calling Preston Road Animal Hospital at 972-239-1309 or by calling Meadow Brook Animal Hospital at 972-529-5033.

More here:


"Under the weather" Golden Retriever puppy

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!! Don't forget that Turkey can be toxic for dogs so try and keep it out of reach!

First Thanksgiving

AVMA Thanksgiving Pet Tips

While the Thanksgiving meal is an American favorite that humans love to enjoy, it is not a pet-friendly meal in many ways.

In this video, the speaker discusses ways to keep your pets safe during the Thanksgiving holiday.  No matter how much your pets beg, you should not give them any leftovers: Their bodies can’t process the fat in turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and other such offerings.  Bones can also pose a choking risk and can perforate your animal’s intestines if swallowed.  Make sure you dispose of everything having to do with your turkey—including both packaging and leftovers—by immediately throwing it away in an outdoor trash can. 

If your pet overindulges this Thanksgiving, then contact the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group straight away. For more information call Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344.

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