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Welcome to Chastain Veterinary Medical Group! For 20 years now we've been providing advanced veterinary care mixed with old-fashioned compassion for pets in the North Dallas area of Texas.

Weekly Commentary from 'Fahrenheit' -our Preston Road clinic kitty!

"Another lazy week at Preston Road Animal Hospital. I spent all morning soaking up some sunshine in the front windows. The weather has been cooling off and ruining my sunbathing potential. There was a particular exciting part of my day when a new toy came in for my roommate, Celcius. I overheard the humans call it a 'Kong Wobbler'.

It's the craziest contraption I have ever seen! He has to sit there and bat at it, or pull on the tantilizing black, fluffy play-thing and then treats fall out. Imagine, working for your food! HA! He just hasn't figured out how to play the humans like I have. Although, he has been looking thinner lately. Maybe there is something to this 'Kong Wobbler'. I mean, they have taken all my lounging space on the counter to display all of these 'smart toys'. Humph! Replacing me with a toy, what a silly idea. Well, at least it gets Celcius off my back and more time getting ear scratches. Until next week!"


Fahrenheit 1

Boy with severe Peanut Allergies uses dog to Sniff out Danger

Learn more about Remy the micraculous allergen alert dog that works seven days a week to keep this young man out of danger.

Today Is World Rabies Day

Be sure your pet(s) are up to date on their rabies vaccination.  Texas requires that dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies by 4 months of age.  

Our Canine rabies vaccination protects your pet for 3 years as opposed to 1 year.  Note:  The Feline rabies vaccination is for ONE YEAR only.  

The CDC has reported an increase in rabies cases seen in wildlife and an increase in rabies being transmitted to humans as a result.  Please practice responsible pet ownership and protect your pet from this fatal disease.    

world rabies day

Feeling Itchy or Scratchy Yourself? It could be due to the family dog...

Karen Nash at Modern Medicine has a perspective on mange and other skin diseases communicable from pets to people:

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