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The Dangers of Chocolate for Your Dog

halloween dog

We’ve all heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but most of us have no idea why.  If a dog can eat a sock without dying, then how can a chocolate Easter Bunny be a problem?  The answer to this question is complex, so read on to learn more about dogs and chocolate:

Chocolate Is Poisonous for Dogs: Dogs have a poisonous relationship with chocolate.  If your dog eats one chocolate candy, then he or she is unlikely to suffer any consequences.  However, if he eats more than that, then he or she is likely to become ill or even die.

One reason to avoid giving chocolate to dogs is that it isn’t chocolate itself that’s dangerous to dogs, but rather a chemical known as theobromineThe amount of theobromine varies according to the kind of chocolate, which means that your dog could eat a lot more white chocolate than dark chocolate, for example.  You’ll never be able to accurately calculate how much theobromine is in any given treat, so you can’t safely feed it to your dog. 

Dogs Can Learn to Love Bits of Chocolate: In addition, if you let your dog have just a little bit of chocolate because that amount won’t hurt him or her, then you will have taught your dog to like chocolate—and dogs are not known for their restraint.  Your pet may try to get chocolate wherever he or she can find it and the consequences could be tragic.

If you have more questions about dogs and chocolate, then contact the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group.  We are dedicated to promoting pet wellness though our veterinary practice, and also offer pet boarding and grooming. For more information, call Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344.


What to Do about Dogs that Love to Chase?

Chasing things (cars, joggers, and bicyclists) is a part of the natural prey instinct of many dogs. Some may be worse about it than others. But in all cases this is something you want to put a stop to at once. While chasing is a valid survival instinct in the wild, it can be deadly for a pet dog in the 21st Century. 

Dogs that chase often frighten people, especially children. Dogs that chase will eventually catch – and then what? Well, probably a dog bite is what’s next.  Then, the police, or animal control, or the neighbor’s lawyers all want to get involved. This all assumes, of course, that the chasing dog isn’t accidently run over and killed by an automobile. 

Never praise or encourage your dog for chasing – unless you have a real good reason for doing so. The best way to eliminate chasing is to confine your dog to a fenced, escape proof yard. 

Note that as of 2007, under Texas Law, the owner of a dog involved in an unprovoked dog bite or dog attack that results in serious bodily injury can be charged with a 3rd degree Felony. 


Two dog chasing

Top Pet Costumes for 2011!

Need ideas?  Inspiration?  Check out "The Daily Beast" list of the most popular Halloween Pet Costumes for 2011!      

Also, don't forget to upload your pet's photo for our Halloween Contest!

Why Does Your Dog to Tremble or Shiver?

There are several possibilities. One that comes to mind is that the dog might be shivering because she is cold. This seems obvious but it is surprising how easy it is for a worried pet owner to overlook it. Check the thermometer.

Fear, apprehension or anxiety can also cause a dog to tremble or shiver.  General circumstances and the dog’s surrounding should give you a clue to these causes.

Pain is the most worrisome cause of trembling. Sometimes the cause of the pain is obvious (like a fractured toenail) and sometimes the cause of the pain is internal or otherwise not obvious (like pancreatitis).

Finally, there are a number of diseases that can cause trembling or shivering of all or part of the dog. Some possibilities include:  toxins or poisons, old dog distemper, eclampsia, epilepsy, TMJ problems, or Addison’s disease.

If your dog starts trembling and the cause isn’t obvious and immediately correctable, then he or she probably needs to see a veterinarian. Some of these cases can be challenging to work out.


Sick Dog


We sure love this time of year with the cooler weather, falling leaves, and upcoming holidays.  

Halloween is just 10 days away and we thought it would be fun to have a halloween pet costume contest!  To enter, just upload a photo of your pet in their spooky or sweet costume to our Facebook page.  Winners will be determined by the number of "likes" their pet receives.  If you need costume ideas check out Costume Kingdom !



1st place-  Grooming with Sara (Meadow Brook) or Sherri (Preston Road)

2nd & 3rd place- $25 off Professional Services Gift Card-To be used at either our Dallas or McKinney location. 

We look forward to seeing your adorable pets!

Good luck!


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