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North Texas is the Allergy Capital for Texas – for Both Pets and People

You recognize the symptoms in yourself immediately: a sniffly nose, a couple of sneezes, and eyes that water like you’ve been cutting onions. When you feel that, you know that allergy season is upon you. Many of us feel it— and so too do our pets! The good news is that we now have treatment options for our pets as well as ourselves

  • For Dogs and Cats, Allergies Symptoms are in the skin: Pets can be allergic to the same and similar inhalants that aggravate human sensitivities. However they show the symptoms a little differently. The primary indicators of pet allergies are itching, scratching, skin infections and ear infections. Whereas humans feel our allergies mostly in our noses, animals’ target organs are their skin. Dogs can develop lifelong allergies that can start as early as three months of age. Cats can suffer from allergies, too.
  • Pets suffer from seasonal allergies too: Even though allergy season is now beginning to wane, some dogs and cats are affected by allergies throughout the year. The biggest seasonal offenders include tree pollens, grass, and weed pollens, while mold spores, foods, and house dust mites can aggravate animals’ allergies year round. If you have multiple animals from the same family line, then it is very likely that if one animal has allergies, his or her relatives do as well. Certain dog breeds are also particularly predisposed to allergy problems, including Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers.
  • Diagnose and treat your pet’s allergy problems: Blood allergy tests and, better yet, intradermal skin allergy testing can reveal the cause of allergies in an individual pet. Although there is frequently no cure for allergies, you can bring your pet’s allergies more under control in any number of ways, including medicated baths, cream rinses, anti-itch sprays, and antihistamines. Allergy testing followed by allergy shots offers the best chance of long term relief and maybe even cure.

Since North Texas is known as the allergy capital of Texas, it’s that much more important to pay attention to your pets’ itching, scratching, and ear health.

Take a proactive stance and have your pet tested for allergies that could be causing him or her discomfort, pain, or poor health. Because of the seasonal aspect of pet allergy symptoms, FALL is the ideal time of year for allergy testing. For a local vet who provides allergy testing along with other valuable veterinary hospital services like check-ups, surgeries, immunizations, and more, call the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group at (866) 455-9070.

Nibbling Itch

Cat survives a month sealed inside a Canadian school roof

The Vancouver Sun has a report of a Orange Tabby who survived and was rescued after being trapped inside a school house roof for a month:

Yet again: Dog from Ft Bliss, TX vanishes, turns up 2 months & 1,000 miles away in CA.

Once again the missing dog was positively identified and traced back to his owner thanks to a microchip. Read more here:

Canine Influenza confirmed in San Antonio, Austin & Dallas. Vaccine Available:

Most of the cases seem to be in San Antonio at present. A vaccine is avaialble for dogs whoose lifestyle puts them at high risk of coming in contact with the Dog Flu. More here:

Trapped Puppy rescued from 2 ft wide crack in drought parched soil

NBC DFW has a story about a Garland boy who is mighty happy to get it his puppy back after it fell into a 2 foot wide surface crack created by the hot dry summer:

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