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We sure love this time of year with the cooler weather, falling leaves, and upcoming holidays.  

Halloween is just 10 days away and we thought it would be fun to have a halloween pet costume contest!  To enter, just upload a photo of your pet in their spooky or sweet costume to our Facebook page.  Winners will be determined by the number of "likes" their pet receives.  If you need costume ideas check out Costume Kingdom !



1st place-  Grooming with Sara (Meadow Brook) or Sherri (Preston Road)

2nd & 3rd place- $25 off Professional Services Gift Card-To be used at either our Dallas or McKinney location. 

We look forward to seeing your adorable pets!

Good luck!


Do Different Cat Breeds have Different Personalities?

As a broad statment, yes. Here are some observations we've accumulated over the years:

  • Siamese are more aloof and more vocal than other breeds.
  • Persians and Himalayans require more care than short-haired breeds.
  • Burmese are especially friendly and good with children.
  • Abyssinians are very outgoing.

Of course, each cat is an individual, and each will beahve exactly as they please. Becasue they ARE cats.

What breed of Cat do you have, and what's their personality like?


What do I do if I think my pet might have allergies?

In this video, the speaker discusses what you should do if you think your pet has allergies.  Obviously, one of the first things to do is take your pet to your veterinarian to make sure that the condition really is allergies. Adverse food reactions, mange and scabies, for example, can all mimic allergies in pets.  But each of those has a different treatment. Be sure to tell your veterinarian about all the symptoms you’ve noticed, including biting, chewing, licking, hair loss and any changes in bowel habits.

If you live in the north Dallas area and are worried that your pet might have allergies, then we invite you to visit one of the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group hospitals.  We encourage overall pet wellness through our veterinary practice, pet boarding, and pet grooming programs.  For more information, call Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344.

What Can Be Done to Avoid Bloat in Dogs?

There are several prevention strategies, although none are guaranteed: 

1. Prophylactic Gastropexy – this is a relatively simple surgery that can be done by Chastain doctors at the time of spay or neuter surgery. This surgical procedure attaches the stomach wall to the inside of the abdominal cavity. With a fixed point of anchorage like that, while the stomach can still bloat, it cannot twist on itself, and the twisting is actual fatal part of the process. Note that all DOD Military Working Dogs and nearly all police/security dogs receive this same surgery.

 2. Alternate Feeding Strategies

  • To prevent bloating, dogs should not be fed within a two hour period prior to, or after, hard work or vigorous exercise.
  • Giving small amounts of water frequently during training or working in hot weather will prevent excessive thirst and subsequent gulping of water.
  • For the first hour after working or training, only 2-3 inches of water in the water bowl/ bucket should be available. After this cooling-off period, more water may be given.
  • Military Working Dogs are typically fed at 6 pm and 12 am because they are usually on duty or in training 12-14 hrs. per day. No reason this same strategy can’t be applied to other dogs in similar situations.
  • Other ideas:
    • Divide each feeding into several smaller portions, allowing 30 minutes or so between each small feeding. 
    • Feed dog from an elevated platform.
    • Feed canned food mixed with the dry food.  Some suggest avoiding dry food processed with added air.

No method is an absolute preventative.



Monthly Update From 'Fahrenheit'-Our Preston Road SpokesCat!

I hope you all didn't miss me too much. I had a slightly unfortunate week. Apparently the humans that work for me don't believe in take out. What I thought was a tasty bird they brought for me apparently was somebody's pet! Really? Who would make food a pet? They gave him food, water, even a heating lamp. If that wasn't enough to ruffle my coat, Celsius had to go and eat a cricket. Apparently he has a weak stomach, and spent half the week cooped up in sick ward. I have to admit, I did miss him. Only a little bit. Maybe he learned his lesson this time. Well, all this excitement was a bit too much for me, so it's off to my hidey-hole for a catnap.


Fahrenheit 1

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