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What Exactly is Your Dog's Dew Claw?

Here’s the scoop:  your dog has four toes on each foot – plus a digit that was at one time a “thumb”.  This thumb hasn’t been used for so many generations that it has atrophied and become the small growth on the inside of his leg with a toenail on it.  Your pet may have dew claws only on his two front feet, or he may have them on all four.  Great Pyrenees and Briards require double dew claws on back legs to be shown.


How often can a dog or cat be bathed?

A good bath every 2 to 8 weeks is usually sufficient to keep a dog or cat clean and healthy. Dogs especially can be bathed more often – even every day – if there is a good reason to do so and you have the right shampoo and coat conditioners (ask us or your regular veterinarian). Frequent brushing and combing between baths will help a great deal in keeping your pet clean.




Meet Celcius! Our SpokesCat At Preston Road Animal Hospital

Our own Chelle Wood conducted an interview with Celcius to learn more about him and his likes, dislikes, etc.  Check it out!  We're sure you'll find it amusing :-)



     Employers: PRAH, Senior Staff Supervisor  12/15/06 to present

     Religious Views: Ancient Egyptian, where cats RULE!

     Political Views: Dictatorship....under ME!!!

     Favorite Quotes: “Love me, feed me, and never leave me." Garfield /”I’m not over-weight, I'm under-tall." Garfield    /    "All I do is eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. There must be more to a cat's life than that. But I hope not.   Garfield

     People who inspire you: Garfield, Morris the cat, the cat in the hat


     Music: Cat Stevens, The Cat Empire, Gypsy and the Cat

     Books: The Cat Who Series, The Cat in the Hat

     Movies: Aristocats, Oliver and Company

     TV: Thundercats, Animal Planet, Cats 101, Must Love Cats, Food Network


    Interests: sleeping, eating, demanding attention, napping, asking for treats, cat naps, sneaking food


     Hometown: Dallas, TX

     Current City: Dallas, TX


     Birthday: 01/10/06

     Language: Cat, Mouth-full-of-food

About Me: I am what you would call a "reformed runaway". The humans at PRAH took me in when I was about a year old and I have since lived in the lap of luxury. I get a nice comfy bed to sleep in with my roommate, Fahrenheit, two square meals a day (although for some reason, they don't believe in second helpings, humph), plenty of places to sneak off to and take a nap, and lots of people to love me and pet me whenever my heart desires. My favorite place to sleep is under the computers in the lab in a comfy box lined with papers for my comfort. This allows me to paw and let my humans know they are late for their petting appointment without ever leaving my bed. . If I'm not sleeping, eating, or cat napping, I do love to greet the other animals that come through the doors with their human assistants.  So please, come by and visit me sometime, just make sure to bring a treat for me or a good head scratching.

Affiliations: Fixed Tomcats Anonymous


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Dog Weight: Determining the Ideal Weight for a Dog

One of the most important factors is keeping a dog happy and healthy is keeping him or her at an ideal body weight. Even better yet is to keep the dog on the thin side of ideal.

This video walks you through several tips for evaluating your dog’s weight. You can get a good idea of your pet is underweight or overweight by simply feeling for his or her ribs. If you feel each individual rib, then your dog is underweight. In contrast, if you can’t feel any of his or her ribs, then your dog is overweight.

For more tips on keeping your dogs and other pets healthy and happy, call Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, at (866) 455-9070. We are the place where the Health and Happiness of Pets and their People are What Counts!

Why does my pet smell funny?

The three most common sources of foul odors emanating from a dog or cat are:

  1. Mouth -  tooth decay and gum disease; rarely kidney troubles
  2. Ears - ear infection
  3. Skin - seborrhea and/or skin infection

Of these three, teeth and gum problems are by far the most common cause of bad odors. So check there first.

Bad breath is not normal; typically it means infection in the mouth. We have a saying within the vet community about bad breath in dogs: Stink means pus; Pus means Infection; and Infection means Pain

Bad breath is often a result of periodontal disease and you dog/cat my need to have its teeth cleaned. We recommend a dental examination as soon as possible.  Tooth decay and gum infection can cause many other health problems that are worse than bad breath.




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