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Qualcomm unveils wireless GPS tracking Service for dogs and cats

Early reports say that Qualcomm's "Tagg" pet-tracking system with GPS and wireless communication capabilities will allow pet owners to immediately track lost dogs or cats. The system is said to include a purpose-built tracking device that looks something like a watch and clips on to regular pet collars.

Imagine the countless families that might now be able to avoid the heartache of losing a pet that unexpectedly darts out an open door or jumps a fence.

This looks like a great idea to us!

More here: and here:

What to Look for in a Veterinary Hospital

Your pet is a loving, loyal companion who quickly becomes part of the family. And, just like the rest of your family, your pet needs occasional medical attention in order to stay healthy and happy. Your pet deserves the best care so choosing the right veterinary hospital is an important decision that requires thought and research. Here are a few things to look for in a great veterinary hospital:

  • Top-notch wellness care

A great veterinary hospital focuses on providing pets with thorough examinations at every visit so as to prevent minor concerns from becoming serious ailments. An excellent veterinary office is also well organized, keeps track of your pet’s immunizations, and alerts you when a pet needs an essential vaccine.

  • Nurturing veterinarians

Before you make a final selection of your new veterinarian, make a trial appointment with a few candidates.  Let your pet and each of the candidates become acquainted. Most general practice veterinarians enjoy these sorts of “meet & greet” visits and most will do them for free. Watch how well the Vet and your pet get along. Discuss your pet health care goals and the health care philosophy of the practice. Since your pet is an important part of your family, he or she deserves nothing but the most caring veterinarian. A truly caring veterinarian recognizes the subtle differences between pets, such as allergies and on-going conditions, and has the experience necessary to devise an effective treatment plan given these variables.

  • Multiple services

Usually you have to visit three different places for pet wellness, grooming, and boarding. However, some pet hospitals provide all three services in the same building. Both quality care and convenience are important factors to consider when choosing the right veterinarian so be sure to ask about additional services provided by your veterinary hospital.

If you’re looking for the perfect veterinary hospital in the north Dallas area, then contact Preston Road Animal Hospital or Meadow Brook Animal Hospital. We employ only the most devoted veterinarians. In addition to pet wellness, we also provide pet grooming and boarding, allowing you to give your pet the care he or she deserves all in one place.


Time to Rethink Global Warming?

A new piece in the puzzle of Global Warming slipped past me last week. Turns out scientists from the prestigious CERN laboratories are now suggesting that 50-100% of the global warming we’ve been seeing may actually be caused by interactions between cosmic rays and the Earth’s atmosphere.

Original Paper here:

Discussions here:

And Here:


The Scent Of Lung Cancer Recognized By Sniffer Dogs

Tip of the Hat to Dr Sue for alerting me to this one. More info here:

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