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  • In the US, there are about 75 million dogs and 85 million cats that people call their pets. To learn more fascinating pet statistics, visit this page from the ASPCA. 
  • Does your dog have the proper vaccinations? Check out this page for one perepective on  vaccination.
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  • Do you find taking your pet to the Vet to be a hassle? Here are some tips to make the whole process a little easier on all involved.
  • It’s important to take measures to maintain your pet’s health between vet visits. Head over to this website for some excellent pet care resources.

Heartworm Preventive now more important than ever

Last month we received word that the US Food and Drug Administration is forcing the shutdown of the one and only plant that manufactures Imiticide, the drug used to treat canine heartworm infection. This follows many months of severe shortages of the same drug.

Veterinarians are now left with no means to treat or cure existing heartworm infections ion dogs.

This makes it even more important for dogs in central Texas to take heartworm preventive once a month, all year long. If a pet owner skips even just one month, that’s enough for heartworm larvae to get into a dog and set up an infection. Prevention has now become the treatment. Be vigilant.



Report: New Technique Gives Cats Protection Genes Against AIDS

Did you know that cats have their own AIDS virus, not too different from human HIV? They do. The good news is that now Mayo Clinic researchers have developed a gene-based immunization strategy that promises to help kittys fight feline ADS and also offers valuable cluse that may soon help human doctors fight AIDS in people. Morer here:


What Works For Your Pet's Allergies?

How Have You Helped Your Pet's Allergies?  Special Baths, Food, etc.?  Would Love to Hear!

Romer the Cat Does Ulrasound

Hey guys, Romer the cat here.

Not much going on in the McKinney office yesterday. So I ran around surgery at full speed for a while. Tore up some paper towels. Had to hiss at a big, hairy, brown dog that sniffed me.

Later, the humans wanted me to play with a ridiculous cloth mouse on the end of a string, but I had a better idea. I decided to walk around on the keyboard of the ultrasound machine. It’s warm and the lighted buttons tickle my toes. It’s also a great place to nap. Turns out that with very little effort I can even make the machine print out screen captures of the ultrasound appearance of open room air. Check out my photos - did ‘em all by myself! The humans didn’t seem to think this was nearly as hilarious as I did, but what do they know anyway? Bipeds!


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