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FDA Repeats Caution about Chicken Jerky Products from China

The FDA is once again warning pet owners to be extremely cautious about feeding their pets Chicken Jerky products imported from China. Complaints about pet illness and death associated with these products are apparently on the rise once again. Affected pets reportedly show signs of kideny failure. Although most dogs appear to recover, some reports to the FDA have involved dogs that have died.

More information here:

Do Kittens really need Kitten food? or is Cat food OK?

Yes, kittens need kitten food, just as puppies need puppy food. Pet foods labeled “kitten food” are nutritionally and chemically different from pet foods labeled “cat food.” You want to feed a life-stage appropriate diet: kitten food for kittens; cat food for adult cats, therapeutic foods for older adult cats with special dietary needs.

Here are some tips on feeding kittens from the ASPCA:

How to Have a Good Turkey Day with Fido

thanksgiving dog

One thing that can really spoil a holiday celebration is taking your dog in for an emergency vet visit, because he or she inhaled the turkey, bones and all. Yes, dogs will do that; and some cats too! To make sure that you have a great Thanksgiving with your dog, follow these tips:

Avoid Giving Table Scraps

It’s a bad idea to feed leftover turkey bones to your dog, because the small bones can be a choking hazard and can actually perforate the intestine if digested.  Feeding your dog bone-free pieces of turkey or other table treats will probably not cause any lasting damage for moist pets, but canine and feline tummies do not process fat nearly as well as human digestive systems do. 

Watch the Portion Size

Most dogs and cats will actually be happier to get 5-6 tiny pinches of turkey from you over the course of the day, rather than a single, larger glob of turkey all at once. This is because for our pets, the psychological thrill of interacting with their humans is just as powerful and meaningful, if not more so, than the taste of the food itself. So give your pet three portions of love and attention for each one portion of treat and he or she will be very happy indeed – and so will you.

Block All Access to the Bird

Freshly cooked turkeys have been known to vanish from the kitchen counter when the pet owner stepped out for a moment to unload the car… To prevent accidents and slip ups, make sure that your bird and all of its accoutrements remain out of your dog’s reach.  And don’t forget that cats are agile climbers and jumpers. Ideally, you should keep your pets out of the kitchen while you’re cooking and out of the dining room while you’re setting up.  You should also immediately dispose of any packaging from the turkey by having someone take it in a separate trash bag to the trash receptacle outside. 

If the bird doesn’t fit in the fridge once you’re done, then devise a way to cover it completely while you’re out of the room, and don’t forget to cover up or store side dishes and desserts, too.  Most importantly, you need to monitor your pets.  Always make sure that someone or something is keeping the puppy entertained so that he or she can’t sneak back to the kitchen and drink a pitcher of gravy.

If portions of your Thanksgiving meal disappear and your dog or cat is looking satisfied, plump and guilty, then contact the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group straight away.  We offer prompt pet care as well as pet grooming and pet boarding.  To learn more about our commitment to pet wellness, call Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344.

Hey Everyone! Meet Romere!! Meadow Brook's official Clinic Kitty!


     Employers: MBAH, training for upper management, 07/01/2011 to present

If stretching were wealth, I’d be rich!!! 

Nobody can truly “own” a cat.


     Music: John Cougar Mellencamp, Def Leppard

     Books:  Ralph Mouse Collection, Cat Fancy Magazine,

     Movies: Cats The Musical, Cats & Dogs:  The Revenge of Kitty Galore


Interests: sneaking into the break room to steal food, playing with Smart Toys!!!!  It can get boring around here when everyone is busy so these toys keep me busy and out of the way.  I love to get belly rubs and will stop at nothing to get one!  Love to lounge!  


Full Name:  Romere (Romi for short)    

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Current City: McKinney, TX


Birthday: 05/20/2011- Feel free to bring me a special treat :-)

About MeWhat can I say?  I sure fell in when the folks here at MBAH took me in and made me their official “clinic cat”.  I get lots of love, a warm bed, food, playtime, and great care.  What more could a kitty ask for!



romer photo

How often should a Puppy be Fed?

Feeding frequency depends on the of the age of the pup and other factors: 

  • 6-12 weeks old: 3 times a day
  • 12 wks-6 months: twice a day
  • 6 months or more: once or twice each day
  • Young adult dogs will often do well on a self-feeding program. To implement a self-feeding program, you measure out a 24-hour allotment of dry pet food, put it in the food bowl, and then the pet eats how much and when he feels like it, until the food is gone.  Be sure to use a good food like Science Diet, Royal Canin, or Iams. Note that eating is one of the things that usually trigger a bowl movement, so self-feeding should not be started until the pet is well and truly house-trained.
  • Better yet: get rid of the food bowls all together. Your pet will still need water bowls, but instead of food bowls, feed your pet dry food from a puzzle toy or a smart toy (e.g. Kong Wobbler). We encourage their use at every meal. 


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