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Welcome to Chastain Veterinary Medical Group! For 20 years now we've been providing advanced veterinary care mixed with old-fashioned compassion for pets in the North Dallas area of Texas.

Getting the Customer Service experience back on track

Tami Ann Customer serviced

At Chastain Veterinary Medical Group we work hard to keep the client experience in mind at all times. After all, so many of our clients are really more like friends at this point. Of course, being human, we are not perfect. So there is always room for improvement.

If your experience with us hasn't gone the way you thought it should, here are three simple steps you can take that may help get things back on track:

First, speak with one of our Client Support Representatives. We hold weekly training meetings with our front staff to make sure they have up-to-date knowledge and authority to solve many routine problems on the spot.

Second, contact one of the Office Managers, either by phone, email or in person. Our Meadow Brook (McKinney) Office Manager is Kyra McCormack ( and our Preston Road (north Dallas) Office Manager is April Smith, LVT ( The Office Managers are our first line trouble shooters for more serious problems. They can train or retrain staff as needed, alter staffing schedules, and handle the more complex occasional mix ups and financial concerns. The Office Managers also check the after-appointment customer service surveys on a regular basis. They read every single comment, respond when appropriate, and keep the doctors apprised of trends.

Third, contact our Group Medical Director, Dr Sue Chastain, DVM ( You can reach her by phone at either clinic, but often the most efficient way to reach Dr sue is by email, since she works shifts at both clinics. Dr Sue checks her email about once a day. Reponses may take a day or so, since a certain amount of preliminary research or fact-finding may be necessary in some case. But do be assured, if your email got through, you will get a response. We care about our clients as well as our patients.

Get to Know Dr. Lauren Bernstein

Dr. Lauren BernsteinDr. Lauren Bernstein has been working with the pets and pet owners of Chastain Veterinary Medical Group at Preston Road Animal Hospital since 2013. Before joining our veterinary group, Dr. Bernstein studied at the School of Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin, where she had several externships focusing on specialty areas like anesthesia and exotic animal medicine. Prior to attending veterinary school, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee. While in Tennessee, she worked as a vet assistant in Emergency and Critical Care and Large Animal Sciences. Dr. Bernstein's love for animals started at a young age, when she began riding horses. Her experience abroad combined with her passion for preventative medicine make her one of the most valued vets in the Dallas area.

To learn more about the many preventive healthcare pet services offered by Chastain Veterinary Medical Group at Preston Road Animal Hospital, visit our website or call us at (972) 239-1309. We promise to offer you and your furry friend a comfortable and informative vet experience!

December Grooming Tip!

Play with your dog's feet as often as possible, especially on puppies to get them used to grooming feet and nail trims.


Make Vet Visits Stress free

Animal Hospital

Veterinary visits can be a lot of fun for some animals. Many dogs just love to get out about, no matter what the reason! But for other dogs, probably most cats, and even some humans…veterinary visits can be a bit stressful. If you or your critters are in this latter category, don’t worry…you’re not alone. Here are three simple tips that can help make your next veterinary visit a little less stressful.

1. Avoid peak times, which are typically 7am - 9am and 4:30pm – close. Saturdays are often extremely busy, all day long

2. Bring only one pet per appointment – it can sometimes be difficult to have a conversation with the vet and keep up with multiple ‘kids’ on the ends of the leashes.

3. Bring a written list of questions, concerns, or issues to be discussed with the veterinarian – that way nothing gets overlooked.

For more on these tips, and for nine other time and stress-saving ideas, please visit us on the web at To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or on Facebook at, or call Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas at (972) 239-1309 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in the McKinney/Frisco area at (972) 529-5033.

Allergy Season is on the Wane

Mastiff in garden

Has scratching from allergies been driving your dog and yourself crazy? Well, we’ve got good news! Allergens are at their lowest levels and pets are least itchy during the fall and winter months, making now the beginning of the ideal time of year to get your pet’s allergies under control with allergy testing and allergy shots. That’s why for a limited time only, we’re offering our intra-dermal allergy test package at a special price. During the months of September and October, any dog of any size can get a 48-antigen intra-dermal allergy test for just $299 – a savings $100 or more! Please note – some restrictions do apply. There are several important preliminary steps or treatments all pets must go through first to get meaningful results from allergy testing. It’s important to discuss this with your veterinarian. For more information on allergy testing or to schedule an appointment, visit us online at, or on Facebook at, or call Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas at (972) 239-1309 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in the McKinney/Frisco area at (972) 529-5033.

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