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Spotlight on Fatty Liver Disease in Felines

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Hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease, is one of the most common forms of liver problems in cats. Generally, it is sparked by malnourishment, which can cause fat to accumulate in the liver and interfere with the way red blood cells are processed. If your veterinarian diagnoses your cat with fatty liver disease, making dietary changes can usually reverse the condition.

Once started, fatty liver disease causes a range of symptoms in cats, including rapid weight loss, GI problems, yellowing of the eyes, and drooling. They often occur after a prolonged period of not eating at all, or eating less than usual. If you suspect your cat could have fatty liver disease, bring him or her to the animal hospital as soon as possible. Your veterinarian will examine your cat and probably run some blood tests. Then he or she may recommend a high protein diet to help reverse the condition. If your cat cannot eat on his or her own, you may need to use a syringe to place food into his or her esophagus for a short period of time.

Most cats recover from fatty liver disease within three to six weeks, if they get the veterinary treatments they need. If your cat has symptoms, call Chastain Veterinary Medical Group for an appointment. You can reach Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (972) 239-1309 or Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at (972) 529-5033.

Could Your Cat Be Experiencing from Stress?

cat care dallasJust like you may suffer from stress from a big work project or trouble in your personal life, your cat can also feel the effects of being stressed. Stress in cats can lead to serious health problems and can interfere with his or her quality of life. If you suspect your cat is suffering from stress, be sure to see your veterinarian as soon as possible to find a solution. Here is what you need to know.

What are some of the potential causes of stress in cats?
Cats can become stressed because of both emotional and physical factors. Change is a major cause of stress in cats. Moving to a new home, bringing a new human family member or pet into the house, or a change in your daily routine can all trigger anxiety in a cat. Cats may also become stressed because of situational events, such as loud music during a party or seeing another cat walk through his or her yard. The death or absence of a family member, physical health problems, and jealousy of other people or pets can also act as common stressors.

How will I know if my cat is stressed?
Often, behavioral changes will indicate that your cat is stressed. But you may have to pay close attention because cats often try to hide signs of health problems for a long time. Cats may begin to urinate outside of their litter boxes and groom themselves excessively. They may also have changes in their appetites, sleep more than usual, and attempt to isolate themselves. A previously quiet cat may become vocal, and a cat that previously got along well with other animals may turn aggressive. These behavioral changes should all be discussed with your veterinarian, since they can indicate that your cat is in distress.

How is stress in cats treated?
In some cases, simply removing the stressor can be the solution, but that is not always possible. If your veterinarian discovers that an underlying physical health issue is causing stress, treating that condition can resolve your cat’s anxiety. There are also certain stress relieving medications that are available. Your vet will work with you to pinpoint the cause of your cat’s stress and develop a treatment plan.

If you have an anxious kitty on your hands, Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to help with comprehensive veterinary services, including behavioral counseling. Make an appointment at our pet hospital in McKinney by calling (972) 529-5033 or call (972) 239-1309 for Our Dallas facility.

What to Do About Litter Box Problems

Most cat families experience problems with their cats’ litter boxes now and again, and fixing those problems can become more difficult when families don’t understand cat behavior. You may be surprised at what your veterinarian can tell you about setting up a litter box. This video also has information that disputes several myths about cats and litter boxes.

If you have your litter box hidden away because you think that your cat wants privacy, then it may be time to move it. Cats actually prefer to have their boxes in socially active areas. You should also make sure your cat has ample escape routes so that he or she doesn’t feel vulnerable when using the litter box.

Are you in the process of welcoming a new cat into your home? Then let Chastain Veterinary Medical Group help you with cat teeth cleaning, spay and neuter services, and much more. Make an appointment with one of our veterinarians in Dallas by calling (972) 239-1309. To make an appointment for you pet at the McKinney office, call (972) 529-5033.

Our Compassionate Surgical Services

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Finding out that your beloved pet needs surgery is always stressful, but you can rest assured that the veterinarians at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group are committed to ensuring that all of our patients get the best care possible. When surgery is the best treatment option for your pet, here is a look at what you can expect from our compassionate team.

Our veterinarians use the very latest advances in surgical techniques and equipment in every procedure for the safety of our patients. We perform an extensive pre-op physical exam, as well as an ECG and blood testing before surgery, and we administer anesthesia so that your pet is comfortable throughout the procedure. When possible, we use a CO2 laser scalpel to reduce bleeding and support a faster recovery. Every patient is monitored by a trained veterinary nurse throughout surgery and recovery.

Your veterinarian at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is happy to answer all of your questions about your pet’s surgery and recovery, so you can feel confident about the procedure. Schedule a visit at our AAHA-certified veterinary hospitals in either McKinney or Dallas by calling (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital, or by calling (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital.

Your To-Do List for Your New Dog's First Month

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What could be more exciting than welcoming a new puppy or adult dog into your home? Of course, once the initial excitement wears off, it’s time to focus on the responsibility of helping your new pup adjust to his or her new home. A trip to the veterinarian for a checkup should be one of the first items on your to-do list. Once your dog gets a clean bill of health, tackle these steps to make life less stressful for your family and your new pet.

Create a Schedule
Like new babies, puppies and new dogs benefit from having a schedule. Decide when you’ll feed your pup, when you’ll play with him or her, when you’ll go for walks, and when bedtime is, and try to stick to that schedule each day. Your puppy will soon adjust to the routine, which will make him or her feel more comfortable and confident. Sticking to a schedule will also help with potty training, as your dog will become accustomed to when he or she should—and shouldn’t—go to the bathroom.

Start Training
The earlier you start training your dog, the easier it will be to get the results you want. Every interaction with your puppy is an opportunity to practice commands, such as sit, stay, and come. Reward your pup for good behavior by showering him or her with attention and by providing treats. When your veterinarian says it is OK, consider enrolling your puppy in training classes and take him or her to the dog park, so that he or she can become socialized.

Get to Know His or Her Personality
Puppies and new dogs may be shy when they enter a new home, so be patient while your new pup reveals his or her personality. When your puppy starts showing his likes and dislikes, pay attention. For instance, your puppy may not respond to food rewards but may love walks, so you can tailor your training approaches to incorporate that preference.

Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to support you as you welcome a new puppy to the family, with puppy checkups, spay and neuter services, and dog dental cleanings. Contact Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at (972) 529-5033 or contact Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas at (972) 239-1309.

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